A Clickfunnels former employee who can help you to create,
launch, sell and automate your course.

Andoni Villarreal
Hi, I am Andoni, a funnel and automation expert who helps course creators to design,
launch, sell and automate their online courses.

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[ Who is Andoni? ]

This is a summary of Andoni Villarreal history:

Ok, This is where I suppose to talk about me in third person, but that sounds weird and fake, so I won’t do it. 

Let me do something different… 

Hi, I am Andoni!

A crazy digital marketer who loves automation, tennis, piano and a bunch of geek stuff.

I always enjoyed to help others, teach and learn new stuff.  

As you can imagine I am completely geek, I studied 2 bachelor degrees and 2 master degrees, as well as lots of courses, diplomas and certifications……

I have been doing geek digital marketing stuff (funnels, automations and some more things) for more than 10 years, I learned how to land big strategies to almost any client.

I worked with international, national and local companies like Media Markt, Radio Shack,  Clickfunnels, Digital Zone etc. As well as coaches,  entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, etc.

I am a Clickfunnels former employee, when I was there I interacted with thousands of international course creators,  so I learned the best practices to create, launch, sell and automate online courses.   

Mi idea is helping everybody to show their talent and make them live a better life, I know this may sound a bit utopic, however I like to believe I can do it. 

Now I want to stop talking about me, because I have a small pitch for you:

How about if you check my blog and all the free stuff I have here? Then if you like what you see you can give a shot to my paid products and services, sounds fair?

Lets talk about how nerd I am……

I graduated as a Bachelor in Science of Marketing by Universidad del Valle de México, at the same time I got the Magna Cum Laude award from my Bachelor Science in Business Administration by Walden University.

Before finishing my bachelor degree I was studying my first master degree, a Master in Mobile Applications Development by Universidad Internacional de La Rioja. 

Then I decided to study another master, so this time I graduated with honors in my Master in Advertising and Public Relations by Universidad Anáhuac. 

¿Am I a nerd, right?

Ok… I got it, you really want to check if I am a total nerd… Let me tell you, YES, I am!!

I am certified by Hubspot as expert in:  Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, Social Media Marketing, Frictionless Sales, Email Marketing y Growth Hacking. 

I also got the WordPress Expert certification by CEI Madrid .

I am certified as Funnels and Automation Expert by Funnel company Italia (Clickfunnels Two Comma club members)

I am also partner of the following tools: Clickfunnels, Kartra, New Zenler, Elementor, Active Campaign, Converkit and some more!

[ Let's make a brief ]

A brief summary of who I am!

¡Hi, I am Andoni!

My Experience

I have a master degree in Advertising and Public Relations. I have been developing successful funnel marketing and automation strategies for more than 10 years.


What I do?

I help people like you to create, launch, sell and automate their online courses, using funnels and marketing automation.


Who I help?

I help coaches, consultants, info producers, course creators and anyone who wants to create, sell and automate an online course.

My Clients:

[ Last Book ]

Let me share you about “Funneliza tu Empresa” (Book in Spanish)

Libro-Funneliza Tu Empresa Libro

Funneliza tu Empresa